Turf & Irrigation

Five Step Turf Program


 Why use 5 steps? We firmly believe a 5-step turf program is just as effective as a 6, 7, 8....step program. Regardless of how many steps are in a turf program, around 4lbs/1000 sqft will be applied throughout the growing season. We use a combination of fast release and slow release (sulfur coated and polymer coated) granular fertilizers to give an even release of nutrients to keep your yard looking great throughout the season.

Irrigation Services


We provide required annual backflow certification and start-up for all types of systems.  We inspect your system, checking for leaks, head adjustments, etc. to ensure efficient watering of your lawn.

Winterization services performed include both exterior lines as well as draining indoor lines.  Make sure you're fully protected from any frozen lines this winter.   Give us a call to get started on an annual maintenance plan!

Irrigation Installation


Tired of dragging hoses all over your yard to maintain a green, lush lawn?  Or just tired of looking at dry, dull turf?  Contact us for a free irrigation system installation quote.  Save time and save money on water usage.

Lawn Maintenance


 TimberPine offers residential and commercial mowing and trimming services. Call to get a free quote to maintain your lawn. 

Emerald Ash Borer Treatments


Have a beautiful ash tree that provides much needed shade?  We can help protect against the devastating emerald ash borer by injecting your trees with a product known to protect against this infestation.